Floral Trends with épanoui

Once the thing of a bygone era, dried flowers are making a comeback, and they are having a moment that’s not just for grandma...

We have fallen head over heels for one of this year’s hottest interior trends. Forget the faux pas of fake flowers, or the expensive habit of fresh peonies, we think dried flowers are the answer to all of our floral woes.

Spotted at Chelsea in Bloom, fashion-forward florist Grace & Thorn celebrated the natural beauty of dried flowers in a collaboration with luxury clothes brand, Jigsaw. Their installation showcased the stunning sun-bleached colours and endless textures that come from working with dried flowers. Not that we needed convincing, but dried flowers soon worked their way into our shop & studio as the newest addition to our collection of homewares.

Dried flowers’ longevity, versatility, diversity and ethereal beauty make them a wonder to introduce into your home. Whether you style them out in arrangements of soft bleached grasses, architectural pods and bold dyed flowers, stand as a single flower bunch, or mix it up with fresh flowers too, the results are ever so chic and effective. Pair it with one of our vases from nkuku, dassie or Madam Stoltz and we’re convince that you’re on for a winner.

Our dried flowers are available in store. Prices start at £6 per bunch. 



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