January Joys

Here at épanoui, January is all about reflecting and taking stock of where we are and where we would like to grow in the year ahead. Using these quieter, cosy days to consider any changes or tweaks we feel could enhance our daily routines or new things we want to try in the coming months. For us, this is part of developing our small business ideas but also finding beautiful new products that the whole team love to use and that bring about daily joys. 

As customers, you are a huge part of our journey and we hope the warm space we have created is a little escapism from your daily routine; providing you with a welcoming space for stillness and thought. When we're not creating in the shop & studio most of our ideas come to us on our daily morning walks, that precious hour of alone time in nature is a special one for us - perhaps even more so in January.

Our lifestyle collections have continued to expand over the years and we stock a range of artisan products, some local and others from further afield. It's always a thrill to bring new pieces to the shop that we know you'll find joy in. 

Here are a few of our favourite things which we are enjoying in January as we ease ourselves into the year...

UpliftBefore Christmas we were all about Restore but as we enter this new year we look to our candle as the scent of our season. With its gorgeous blend of Bergamot, Palmarosa and Petitgrain, our pure essential oil and natural wax candle will help to enhance the relaxed spaces we so desperately need. With  a burning time of approximately 40 hours, our unique blend will radiate zen-like spa vibes right in to your kitchen or sitting room. It also pairs as an ideal desk buddy as we embrace the home desk life too!



Our skin at this time of year can really feel the effects of dry heating and changes in external temperatures. To combat this we love to turn to our friends at Nathalie Bond and The Magic Organic Apothecary. Choose from our range of face and body oils, nourishing cleansers and skin balms, adding at least one of these to your daily routine and your body will sing with hydration. A delicious treat for our slightly tired and ageing (*cough cough*) skin.



For those cosy moments when you’re taking stock and looking ahead at what you may want to bring in to your year, we have a selection of lifestyle books to spark and encourage new ideas. Our current favourite is from the wonderful guys at independent hotel group, The Pig - Tales and Recipes from The Kitchen Garden and Beyond. The Great British Hotel and Inn guide is brilliant for plotting breakaway trips and also makes an ideal gift for a keen traveller. For the creatives among us, The Artists’ Homes is a wonderful book for anyone who wants to have a little nose around other people’s houses and artistic spaces! Thomas Harford Thompson captures some beautiful images inside famous artists’ homes to give you inspiration and ideas on creating your own inspiring spaces.

At our heart, épanoui is about blossoming, growing and flourishing and for our community we hope we can create and gift you with some lovely tools to do just that. 

See you soon, 

With love from us all at épanoui x

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