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You may or may not know that our brand name translates as ‘to blossom, grow, flourish’. It’s a mantra that is at our very core and it’s something that feels very relevant for us to reflect on at this moment in time.

We’re into our fourth year of épanoui now and the growth and evolution we have seen in a little shop and studio has been immense – it’s something we are so proud of and so grateful for. We have truly been on a journey of ‘épanoui’, with beautiful people who have helped us along our way. And this amazing journey of seeking to blossom, grow, flourish neverstops.

Over the past couple of weeks, we closed our doors to look inwards and spend a bit of time freshening up our home on 44 Mill Street. Our space has always been a shop and studio. It’s our creative space to make and design our jewellery collections and to stock the work of other artisans and makers who we think are doing something special. Over the past couple of years, it’s also become our base for creative workshops and meetings. Though with the growth of the business – more beautiful stock, events, customers and a growing team – it became apparent that it was time for our space to evolve.

 We’re not afraid of a little DIY here at épanoui, nor of asking for a little help from our friends. And we really were missing our trusty jewellery bench, which some of you may remember as a feature of our shop at our very beginning. After a week of long days, moments of chaos and enough caffeine to awaken the dead (!!!), we made a few changes. Changes that we hope will help us spring into another four years (and more!) of blossoming, growing and flourishing.

For those of you who are wondering, the jewellery bench is back! The once stock-room-of-doom has been transformed into our jewellery studio, a dedicated space for us to bring the making of the jewellery right into the heart of the shop once again. If you’re intrigued about the other changes that we’ve made, why not pop on by to say hello.

We’d love to see you!

Hannah & the team x


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