Meet the Maker - Charlotte Knapp

Welcome back to our favourite Meet the Maker series! It's been a while but a year in lockdown has led us to discover some new creatives we just love and who have hopped on board at épanoui. 

Craftsmanship is at the heart of what we do here and we always love hearing about others creative experiences, paths and backgrounds. We all have a story inside of us and individual ways of accessing our 'source', so grab a cuppa as we dip our toe into our newest artist's favourite things. 

Charlotte Knapp is a Bedfordshire based abstract artist who loves exploring a range of media, aiming to communicate texture, depth and light in her work. Her talents caught our eye and we currently have a specially commissioned series entitled 'Among the Almond Blossom' available at our shop & studio. Read on to find out more about the collection. 


Can you offer us a little glimpse into your daily routine?

A typical art day for me always has to start with a cup of tea, My favourite drink and time of the day to reflect and focus. 

If I have any admin to do I’ll usually start that in the morning while I’m still waking up. I like to start painting earlier in the day, because my work is formed of lots of layers of paint I have to leave space for each piece to dry. This means I prefer to work on a few at the same time, while one sets I can start the others. When I stop for lunch I like to sit outside or go for a quick walk if the weathers nice. I find this so helpful to refresh my mind especially if I’m stuck on a painting and not sure where to go with it next. On my lunch I also love to give Pinterest a little scroll for inspiration, this can come from colours put together on an outfit, a beautiful landscape or other artist I love to follow. After lunch I’ll go back to some painting I find this the most productive time of the day for me and often find I’m more creative in the afternoon. Each day does vary depending on deadlines and projects I’m working on but I love how flexible it can be.

What made you start your creative business?

I’ve always loved art especially abstract art! I grew up with my dad as a graphic designer who was amazing at painting and my mum as an art teacher who was known for her beautiful water colour and glass paintings. My parents both really valued the arts so I grew up in a free environment to express and pursue art. Once I finished my art foundation I went into visual merchandising and wanted to pursue fashion a bit more and since then rarely painted. When lockdown hit last year I decided to start painting again and forgot just how much I loved it. This got me dreaming about pursuing art as a career more which then birthed my art business at the beginning of May last year.


Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?

Yes! Nothing finalised at the moment but currently researching and looking into places to hold my first solo exhibition. This has always been the dream and I love working on a body of work that all compliment each other.

Now for a few quick-fire questions...

Happiness is...a summers evening in the garden with friends.

The song to get me on the dance floor is...anything by ABBA. 

I’m most proud of...starting up my art again.

My dream dinner quest would have to be...the queen, but I would much rather be her dinner quest!

I’d be lost faith, friends and family! (Oh and my eye brow pencil!)

If I could tell my younger self one thing it would not worry what other people are doing and run your own race! 


Among the Almond Blossom - available now from épanoui 

This collection was created to express new life, hope and joy as we come out of hiding and step back into the awakening world around us.  Each piece has been inspired by the beautiful re-birth of nature as it bursts into life this spring. The songs, colours, movement, and fragrance of spring have all influenced this collection of work, aiming to create a reminder of hope and greater things to come.

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