Meet the Maker, The Crystal Co.

Winter is officially here and along with it comes our favourite time of year where we can celebrate all things that sparkle! So, this month we're bringing you an insight into the world of Courtney Robinson, creator of 'The Crystal Co.'.

Here at épanoui, we're all about letting natural beauty shine, and 'The Crystal Co.' is the epitome of just that. Every crystal has a unique story and life purpose, formed over hundreds and thousands of years in the Earth beneath us and comes beautifully boxed and ready to be gifted. We love how these natural crystals shine with raw beauty and natural power, making this a much loved brand stocked in our épanoui shop & studio. We think these are the perfect thoughtful gift for those spiritual & earth-loving people in your lives.

Over to you, Courtney...


Can you offer us a little glimpse into your daily routine?

The days and weeks are pretty wild in our home. I have two small children, Belle, who is not-quite three, and Hudson, who has just celebrated his first birthday, so we are up at the crack of dawn every day. I don't have a polished routine -though I'd love to say that I do- the reality is that I fit my business around our children, my 'grown-up' job in digital marketing and some exercise. I grab hours wherever I can, 6.30 in the morning while Gareth gets the kids ready, 7.30pm once the babies are in bed at night, weekends, lunch breaks, whatever it takes! ...I look forward to one day writing that I am in my little garden studio by 9am with a big cup of coffee, working away until I pick my children up from school. One day! 

I am responsible for all aspects of my business, from hand selecting every crystal we sell, to concepting and creating the packaging and the website. I have had the help of a magnificent designer Paul, who brought my initial wistful ideas to life, my Dad who fixed, painted and shelved my studio to perfection and Gareth, my fiancé in tow for mental strength, encouragement, design back-up and child-wrangling to make it all happen! I also often run new ideas by my beautiful Mum who has the most incredible intuition. I may be the day to day, but there are a number of people who really make The Crystal Co.  

What made you start your creative business?

The Crystal Co. was an idea that grew when my daughter Belle was born. I have always loved crystals and wanted to pursue a personal creative business to challenge my mind and share my interest. I spoke to family and friends, and their encouragement and support gave me the motivation and energy to pursue my ideas. I wanted an environmentally conscious project, to create something that could really connect me to other people, and that may grow into my full time job one day perhaps. 

I remember the first order that came through my website - we were dancing in the kitchen, I'm not sure I believed that it would happen, I was overjoyed when it did and it spurred me to go for it and keep the ideas moving. I can't tell you how much joy it brings being in my studio surrounded by crystals, the energy is incredibly light and relaxing. Hand packing every order, I get to spend at least a little time in the studio most days, and I absolutely adore it.

Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?

We have just revamped our studio (thanks Dad!) - so that we would have the perfect bright space for even more crystals which has enabled us to take on more stockists around the UK. 

We have also been discussing a collaboration for The Crystal Co. in jewellery which is very exciting - one to watch out for!


Now for a few quick fire questions –

Happiness is… a coffee date in the park with Gareth and my children - it's the simple things that I love the most.

The song to get me on the dance floor is… There are soooo many - Beyonce is a master, but I will dance to just about anything - Wham! is often featured on the kitchen dance floor in our home

I’m most proud of… Being mum to my two children. They have changed my life forever, and while it's regularly chaos, every first word, first step, new creation, adventure they take makes me so incredibly proud I could cry. 

My dream dinner guests would be (dead or alive)… My family from Australia and Gareth's family all together in one place. <3

I’d be lost without… the sun, google ...and coffee...

If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be… Be in the present, life is short, don't worry for the future or the unknowns, be in the now, today. X


Thank you Courtney - it's so lovely to see the importance of your family in inspiring & supporting your creative business. We love The Crystal Co. at épanoui and keep a number of our own crystals at home to help balance, energise and bring positivity to our busy lives! Thank you! x 

instagram: the_crystal_co

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