Gifts for Teachers

We’ve all had them. The good, the bad, the memorable and the down-right whacky... They’re the people who helped to shape us, offering up their knowledge, support, guidance, love and dedication to get us to where we are today.

Teachers. We salute you.

School’s almost out and the sunshine months are ahead of us. It’s the time of year where we like to look back on teachers who have inspired us along the way, and we get to say thank you to those who are inspiring the next generations in schools today.

From the art teacher that once danced in the classroom to describe how a painting made her feel, to the physics teacher who kept a tortoise in his cupboard, to the university tutor who once abandoned his planned lecture so we could sit and listen to the rain, to the maths teacher who wouldn’t give up on us despite our failings... These people are all part of our journey and our gratitude is boundless.

We’re all about saying thank you here at épanoui, and think teachers are some of the most deserving people of our appreciation. So, we’ve compiled a list of treats to help you say thank you to those who are inspiring your little ones and helping to pave the way for their future.

* épanoui Stud Earrings, £30-40

* Plum & Ashby, Aromatic Pomegranate Hand Cream, £12

* Nkuku, Kadira Leather Journal, £19.95

Nkuku, Dayla Brass Keyring, £3.95

* Nathalie Bond, Sunshine Body Oil, £10

* Nathalie Bond, Unwind Soap Block, £6

* Nkuku, Dayla Bookmark, £5.95

* Yellow Gorse, Pillow Mist, £14.95

* Plum & Ashby, Honey & Amber Candle, £12

* Dassie, Spice Route Mug, Saffron, £10

* Dassie, Spice Route Mug, Mustard, £10

* P.F. Candle Co., Golden Coast Candle, £22

* ARTHOUSE Unlimited, The Freeze Design, Handmade White Chocolate with Madagascan Vanilla, £4.95

*  ARTHOUSE Unlimited, Underwater Design, Handmade Dark Chocolate with Sea-salt and Crispy Crunch, £4.95

* épanoui, Silk Bracelets, £22-25


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