Indie is the new black

As Black Friday looms it got us thinking about the importance of sticking to our guns as an independent shop. So, this weekend we won't be fighting it out with high street stores in the race for the bottom price, we will simply be offering the same beautiful products we do 365 days of the year. The same value that we know is important to our fellow creatives who contribute so much to our independent store is as true today as it is always.

We love this image created by Lola Hoad in support of independent shops this Christmas 

We pride ourselves in offering our customers the carefully sourced, handcrafted & designed, ethical & fair trade gifts that we know you love. We also love hearing your feedback on our wares and if there is anything your heart desires that we don't already have we will do our best to hunt it out for you.

With social media campaigns around like Just a Card's 'Indie Friday' it makes it easier than ever to discover the wealth of smaller retailers that are out there. And discover we must as there are so many shops like ours out there offering you more than the bottom price.

So if you are seeking a bit of creative, calm, independent and most importantly, extra special shopping this Christmas, you know where to find us - 44 Mill Street, Bedford - we'll be the ones with a mince pie in hand!

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