Meet the Maker, Anna Reed

As you, our wonderful customers always love to know how we find our artisans, where our pieces come from and a little story about each one we thought we would introduce a new monthly feature on the blog to highlight our amazingly talented artists, makers & creatives.  

So grab a cuppa and prepare for a little insight into our wonderful creatives world’s - First up is Anna Reed


Anna is a Bedfordshire based artist driven by her admiration of nature and its elegance. She predominately works in oil paint and pencil using precise and deliberate strokes to produce representational pieces of work. Anna is best known for her bright but calming style, her favourite subjects being people, wildlife and natural surroundings. 

We absolutely love having Anna's beautiful work in the shop, it always triggers conversation and an abundance of wonderful comments. You can also sometimes find Anna helping us out by working in the shop and on occasion she may even be fleshing out a new painting which is a treat to see! 


Can you offer us a little glimpse into your daily routine?

Mornings are always a rush in our house, with two boys you have to tell them step by step what to do to get ready for school…. even though they do it every morning!! Once they are safely at school I go home, get changed into my painting clobber and make a cup of tea.......  Tea is a must have when answering emails and updating social media! I try to have biscuits later in the day but this doesn't always happen, I’m a sucker for a cheeky digestive.

I’m then ready for the long commute down my garden to my studio…….. It's a treacherous journey some days but I somehow manage!

My studio is my sanctuary, I paint all day, if I’m not painting I am researching new ideas or putting prints together. All this whilst  listening to the radio……..

Once 3 o’clock comes around and it comes around quickly…... I get changed out of my painting gear and walk to collect my youngest child from school…  Then its dinner, homework, kids in bed, watch a bit of tv, catch up on some sleep then it all starts again!


What made you start your creative business?

I have always drawn and painted from a young age.  Before children, I started a small business selling my art but took a break to concentrate on my family.  This turned into 8 years and I didn't create many pieces of art during this time. However, the need to paint was still there and once the kids were older I had more time to channel my efforts.

By chance I met a like minded creative lady through the school PTA group, our kids were great friends and we became good friends too. We both realised that we should start being creative again, so we kind of pushed each other into starting, we are still encouraging each other to do our best. My husband and parents were a massive encouragement too, before I knew it they had cleared an area for my studio and had it on order…I couldn't let them down!!


Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?

I have lots of ideas for new paintings.   I am also working with a local business in the next few weeks putting together a painting day for team building and relaxation. Plus lots of commissions in between!

Now for a few quick fire questions 

Happiness is…  Oil paints and family

The song to get me on the dance floor is… Anything by The Electric Swing Circus…  I love them’!!

I’m most proud of…My mum and dad….they both have MBE’s for services to families and children.

My dream dinner guests would be (dead or alive)…I have quite a few…….Elvis of course, Cilla Black, Ed Sheeran and Winston Churchill.

I’d be lost without…Family, phone and my Mala beads

If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be…be more confident and comfortable with yourself.



We have a selection of Anna's prints and original oil works in store so pop by to browse her work & keep your eyes peeled for our next Meet the Maker feature.

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