Meet the Maker, Christian Marsden - StolenForm

Meet our next Maker, Christian Marsden, owner of StolenForm and creator of our favourite London Brick vases. 

Since 2012, StolenForm has specialised in recasting industrialised objects, transforming them into home accessories and giftware. Each product is individually handmade in slip-cast earthenware ceramic and finished in a variety of high gloss on-trend colours. A selection of Christian's vases and cups are available from our shop & studio, swing by and see them in all their colourful glory! 

Now lets find find a little bit out about what makes Christian tick...

Can you offer us a little glimpse into your daily routine?

StolenForm is a company I run by myself so I’m split between all the aspects of the business; responding to enquiries, creating, packing and posting orders, maintaining stock levels, product developments, researching future sales opportunities and accounting. Part of the reason I wanted to start my own creative business was so I could have a varied career lead under my own ideas and energy, but it can be quite stressful and to a certain extent limiting when only one person is working behind the scenes.

What made you start your creative business?

I had pursued the arts throughout my education but I didn’t know what I was going to end up doing. Things started to fall into place at Falmouth University where I studied Contemporary Crafts. I was introduced to more advance methods of making, the most prominent for me was a plaster mould making class for ceramics. It was a eureka moment; not only could I replicate three-dimensional forms for my own use, I could then reproduce these finished artworks or products as limited or continuous runs. I set about sourcing ready-made objects that were connected to the urban environment, as this was the area I drew inspiration. One of these objects was the London Brick and I began exploring ways to reinvent it. From this the concept for a brand was defined.

Do you have any exciting projects in the pipeline?

I’m currently developing terracotta versions of my Brick Vase, Brick Dish and Chimney Cap Vase. It’s an obvious material choice for these objects but I’ve not worked with the material before and I’m excited to give a fresh aesthetic to the existing products.

Their are new products underway that I’m intending to launch in time for the Christmas season but all are under wraps at the moment!

I’m looking to buy a house in or around Bedford in the new year. Although not entirely connected with the business, for a home-ware designer you can only imagine the excitement of having a playground to experiment new ideas in. It would be very ironic for a business that started with a London Brick Vase to potentially end up living in the area the actual bricks were made. I‘m obviously destined for Stewartby!

And now for our quick fire questions!

Happiness is… being in control of the journey through life

The song to get me on the dance floor is… Funky Nassau- beginning of the end

I’m most proud of…having my products sold in all the shops they are :) Was particularly proud of being stocked in Selfridges last year and continue to supply The Royal Academy of Arts and the Saatchi Gallery.

My dream dinner guests would be (dead or alive)… anyone with a small appetite that doesn’t mind sharing with greedy guts over here.

I’d be lost without… google maps.

If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be…
Achievement is the result of hard work, nothing comes without graft.


Thank you Christian! 


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