Switching off and finding creativity

I recently visited the Dordogne region of South West France for a few days of 'switching off'. After settling into a space with no 4G (let alone 3G), no neighbours and not a street light in sight, I realised I was simply noticing a bit more of what was going on around me. And what I found was so refreshing. 

I have known for a long time that I spend too much time on my iPhone & laptop but I’ve always felt that that's the nature of running a business and generally being a sociable person (even if it does take me a while to respond to messages!). And it’s a hard habit to get out of... Though, in not being fixed to the little blue light of technology, I became aware of so much more: the simplicity of day to day life, rolling fields of sunflowers, natural springs, skies filled with stars and the wonder of silence.
This sense of presence and lack of technologically-induced distraction, led to me re-discovering a creative space that my family and I had visited 20 years ago... 
As we were driving to the local lakes I noticed (because I wasn't looking down) a tiny old sign signalling the way to a pottery. The potters who greeted us, a husband and wife duo, were the same potters who had greeted us 20 years ago. They took us around their barns and explained the processes they have undertaken over the years to develop, build and rebuild their kilns, to make their pottery which is sold all across France on markets, in galleries and at shows. 
As they spoke, their passion and dedication for their craft radiated from them and could be felt in every corner of their well-loved studio. It seemed that staying true to their work and purpose had given them an amazing and humbling sense of contentment. 
A few things stuck with me from that day that I thought I'd share with you...
~ detaching is good for the soul & for your creativity. It sparked something in me that I hadn't recognised for a long time with a busy brain. 
~ keep your eyes open, you never know what might be right under your nose ready to be discovered - or rediscovered in this case. 
~ stay true to your creativity and passion, it will make you shine. That's what makes you, you! 
Hannah x

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